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Import and export service

Consignee filing
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The import food consignee (hereinafter referred to as the food consignee) shall apply for registration in inspection and quarantine organ where the industrial and commercial registration place locates before food import, and be responsible for authenticity of filing information provided.

II. Processing time: 5 workdays



02◆Registration of import food consignee

◆ 2.1 The food consignee shall fill in and submit registration application form through the registration management system, and meanwhile provide the following written materials to Food Supervisory Department for inspection;

(1) Consignee Registration Application;

(2) Copies of Business License, ID cards of Legal Representative, and Foreign Trade Manager Registration Form, and original of such documents for verification;

(3) Enterprise quality safety management system;

(4) Setting of organizational institutions regarding food safety, department functions and post responsibilities;

(5) Food types to be operated and storage place;

(6) Instructions about food import, processing and sales situations in 2 years;

(7) If inspection is applied independently, submit copies of registration certificate and originals for verification;

◆ 2.2 The inspection and quarantine institutions shall allow the registration after verifying information provided by enterprises and meanwhile issue registration number.



01◆ Registration of overseas manufacturers, overseas exporter or agencies

◆ 1.1 Overseas manufacturers, exporters or agencies shall fill in and submit registration application through the registration management system; 

◆ 1.2 AQSIQ shall file exporters or agencies providing complete registration information; the registration management system will generate list of registration exporters or agencies, which will be released on website of AQSIQ.

I. Handling procedures